Why become a massage therapist?

  • Low stress work environment

  • Be your own boss

  • Flexible work schedule

  • 22% growth through 2024, and new opportunities expected 
    in the massage therapy profession

  • Considered a "Bright Outlook" occupation by O*NET2

  • The average annual income of full-time licensed massage therapists in Arkansas is $42,780, and the average annual income of full-time licensed massage therapists nationwide is $39,8603

Massage therapy is defined by the Arkansas Department of Health as "the treatment of soft tissues, which may include skin, fascia, and muscles and their dysfunctions for therapeutic purposes of establishing and maintaining good physical condition, comfort, and relief of pain."

A multitude of opportunities exist in massage therapy. A massage therapist can work as a sole practitioner, in the medical field, or in the some of the most beautiful places in the world. Other possibilities include private practice, massage clinics, spas and resorts, salons, fitness centers, offices of physicians and other healthcare practitioners, cruise ships, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, long term care centers, hospice care facilities, cancer centers, national massage clinic chains, and much more.

Most massage therapists in the Fort Smith area are self-employed and work in massage therapy clinics, spas, salons and chiropractic offices. In most cases, a career in massage therapy can offer a highly flexible work schedule, a low stress work environment, and the ability to be your own boss.


A career as a massage therapist can be very rewarding.

Individuals pursuing a career in massage should be self-motivated, kind, respectful, empathetic, responsible, ethical, and have a high level of integrity.

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