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Arkansas School of Massage is proud to offer a complete education at a price point half as much as other schools in the area! Affordable tuition and small class sizes allow us to help you become the best massage therapist you can be!


Our tuition price is broken down here. ASM offers an in-house, interest free financing with no credit check for up to 14 months. (A $299 financing fee will be applied for the in-house financing plan.)

ASM does not accept Title IV financial aid. This way, we are able to keep our tuition price low and affordable. Click here to read more information about accredited vs. non-accredited schools and finances. 


We can help you find the best financial course of action to get you into your new career! Contact us for consultation.

Registration Fee

Registration fee must be paid at time of registration. This fee covers books and supplies needed throughout the program. It also includes an ASM t-shirt. The registration fee is non-refundable.


We offer up to 14 months of in-house, interest-free financing. A $299 financing fee will be applied. Contact us to set up a meeting with to discuss your options.

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