October 25th & 26th: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Sunday and Monday)

CORE© Bundle I

18 Hours


Abigail Showl, MMT, CORE© Practitioner

This is a 3 part series, all classes are 6 hours each. You can sign up for all 18 hours or just 1 or 2 classes of your choice.

* Psoas: Storer of all Stress - 6 hrs (Sunday 8-2)

* Core© Reflexology: Working below the knees - 6 hrs (Sunday 2-5 & Monday 2-5)

* Unwinding the Spine - 6 hrs (Monday 8-2)

Welcome to CORE© Fascial Release, work designed to Coax Order and Restore Energy to the human bodymindcore, one person at a time.

Practitioners of CORE© work are dedicated to unwinding fascial restrictions and holding of old trauma — physical, mental, emotional, chemical and energetic. We believe any old trauma can be stored in the body and inhibit freedom and movement, causing pain, illness and further lack of movement. As we work with clients, we partner with them to create freedom, movement, breath, and health in their systems. CORE© Bodywork is done with the hands and head, but more importantly, with the heart.

Visit website for more information on these classes https://www.corefascialrelease.com/

- Early bird pricing, $300 for all 18 hours if paid in full by Oct 11th. Regular price is $375.
- Each 6 hour class is $125 each if taken separately. No discount for individual classes.

November 16 - 18: 10:00 - 5:00 (Monday - Wednesday)

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

18 Hours


Robert Gardner

In this foundation course, students will learn mat work and become competent using their legs, feet, knees and heels with clients, be introduced to Sen lines, anatomy, postural assessment, and energetic concerns.

90% of the class is mat based and on the 3rd day is table work where you will learn how to use the same sequence on the familiar massage table. This gives the therapist a firm foundation to transition clients between the table and mat with ease. The $500.00 fee for class includes your printed copy of the workbook and digital copies of the videos that go along with class.

Please bring 3 blankets or a comforter if you do not have a Thai massage mat.

November 19 - 20 : 10:00 - 5:00 (Thursday & Friday)

Table Thai

12 Hours


Robert Gardner

This class is specifically designed to help licensed massage therapists learn how to use Thai massage on the massage table with ease. We go over easy to incorporate options from the Table Thai workbook and show you how to work effectively and use less hand strain while helping clients with back pain.

2 days of Table Thai massage. The $400.00 fee for class includes the printed copy of your workbook and digital downloads of your Table Thai videos.

Please bring a set of sheets.

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