Dena Campbell, MTI

Taking the leap into a new career is not as easy as some make it sound. For Dena, timing didn’t seem to fit. She started school in 2005 while working two jobs. Many times, she wanted to quit--but she didn’t. Finishing school, however, was not the only hurdle in her way. She continued to work outside of the massage therapy field until she finally convinced herself to take the full-time leap in 2012.

Everything from this point has snowballed. Her clientele at Fort Smith Wellness started to grow almost immediately, and she even co-founded Arkansas School of Massage in 2013. Since then, Dena has continuously worked to grow her profession, never finding it difficult because she loved what she was doing.

Dena believes massage therapy can be for anyone, and she spreads that theory from both sides: by helping her clients receive the benefits massage can offer, and by teaching students to do the same. She has grown her practice and school in a way which allows her to learn more, teach more, and do more, never stopping and never having the desire to.

Owner, Instructor of All Subjects

Frances Combs, MMT

The path of life often takes many turns, and creates new experiences that allow each of us to grow in our individual ways. Coming from a family of teachers, Frances Combs always felt that her parents’ calling also called to her. For 20 years, she taught health and fitness as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and she loved the way that she could help people reach their potential and find that healthier lifestyle.

Massage therapy was only the next step in furthering that helpful mindset. Frances began massage school in 2015, and immediately knew that it fit right in with her healthy lifestyle mentality. She loved adding it to her repertoire, providing her with several options to help her clients achieve their goals.

And somehow, teaching fell right into place there, as well. Due to Frances’ degrees and fitness background, she was able to pick up Anatomy and Physiology Instructor with ease. Her thorough classes allow students to take the information, and also apply them in personal ways. She approaches teaching with an open mind, knowing that there is always room for everyone to learn and grow.

Anatomy and Physiology Instructor

Emerald Asher, LMT

Emerald was introduced to massage therapy when a doctor referred her to Dena Campbell for low back and hip rehab. She had woken up one morning locked into a bent over position, but with the help of massage therapy she was able to continue with her life as normal.

Deciding to go a different route to start, Emerald started Cosmetology school in January 2018. In the summer of 2018 she decided to take on two schools at once and proceeded with her Cosmetology schooling and added massage school on top of it. Her days were devoted to her education as she pushed herself towards the career she wanted to follow.

After she graduated from both schools earlier this year, Emerald went out looking for a place where her dual licensing would be an asset. She is now working at Cut Ups salon in Barling, where she offers massage, facials, body waxing, and hair services. Emerald took on the administrative assistant position at Arkansas School of massage with the goal of upgrading her license to Master Massage Therapist. She would like to one day become an instructor.

Administrative Assistant

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