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Massage Technique - 225 Hours

This course provides a foundation for the theory and practice of therapeutic massage. Students will gain skills and knowledge in the history of massage, benefits of massage, self-care, research literacy, body mechanics, treatment planning, and massage for special populations. Students will also gain practical experience in techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy (trigger point), sports massage, chair massage, and prenatal massage.

Anatomy and Physiology - 175 Hours

A&P provides an introduction to the structure and function of body systems with emphasis on the muscular and skeletal systems. Students will also learn pathologies and contraindications relevant to massage therapy.

Spa and Hydrotherapy - 25 Hours

Students will gain practical experience in hydrotherapy techniques and spa services, including hot stone massage, body treatments, face treatments, and spa add-ons.

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ASM follows the guidelines put forward in the Arkansas Massage Therapy Law and Rules and Regulations, as governed by the Arkansas Department of Health. 

Our curriculum meets all requirements for Arkansas licensure. We provide a 500 hour program, consisting of the listed courses.

Student Clinic - 25 Hours

Clinicals allow the student to gain practical experience in providing therapeutic massage to the public, creating an opportunity to refine professional skills in preparation for the workplace. Students will apply communication skills, documentation, and clinical assessment to create a customized treatment session to benefit each client.

Massage Therapy Law, Business Management, and Professional Ethics - 25 Hours

This course will cover ethical standards and business practices that will help students succeed in the massage therapy profession. Students will also become familiar with the laws and regulations that govern massage therapists in the state of Arkansas.

Hygiene and Infection Control - 25 Hours

Students will learn hygiene procedures necessary to protect the client and therapist.

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