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July 23-24 (Sunday & Monday) 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Special Populations Bundle - 18 Hour CE

18 Hours


Kirby Clark

This 18 hour Special Populations Bundle comprises three individual classes. Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity: Cultural Competency Training for Massage Business ($0), Chair Massage: 4 Ways ($140 FULL), and Intro to Cupping: Myofascial Release & Decompression ($140 FULL). Take one, two or all three classes. Each class is $140, except the Diversity is FREE! The classes are as follows:

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity: Cultural Competency Training for Massage Business - 6 Hours - FREE

offered Sunday from 9 AM - 4 PM SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE!

We live in an ever-changing world full of clients and colleagues from different backgrounds. Diversity is a fact of life! The primary learning objective of this course is to educate Massage Therapists on Cultural Competency, provide an understanding of cultural diversity, and an overview on ethics, bias/prejudice and how these can present in the Massage profession. This course will help Massage Therapists to better serve their clientele and themselves. We will cover an overview of diversity, inclusivity, privilege, intersectionality, the differences between equality and equity, and how it is relevant to massage therapy. A review of beliefs, values, ethics, and morals will provide a foundation for all in-depth discussions. We will also cover bias, prejudice, and microaggressions and how caring professions like massage are not innately immune to these issues. We will explore the distinctions between race and ethnicity, distinctions between sex and gender, how best to care for clients with different faith backgrounds, and how to approach working with clients with disabilities. This course strives to provide a fresh perspective to complex issues and offer steps to take to grow and create a more inclusive practice.

Chair Massage: 4 Ways - 6 Hours - $140 THIS CLASS IS FULL!

offered Sunday 4 PM - 7 PM and Monday 9 AM - 12 PM

If you’ve ever wanted to start adding a great mobile and marketing modality to your wheelhouse, look no further than Chair Massage. This is a fun and informative course that covers four different approaches to providing Chair Massage; Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Bamboo, and Percussion. This course is designed to explain how Chair Massage has roots in both Western and Asian bodywork practices, cover the rich histories in both Asian & Western massage, and explore how it gained popularity in the modern era. Learn the myriad benefits, advantages, and general guidelines of seated/chair massage while also having a lot of fun incorporating basic techniques of Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Bamboo massage, and Percussion instruments. Class will include a PowerPoint lecture presentation, a demonstration of all four approaches, and practical trade-outs. You will provide & receive all four different Chair Massages.

Please dress comfortably and bring 2 face cradle covers, pens/pencils, a notebook, massage lubrication medium of your choice. Feel free to bring your own massage chair and favorite Essential Oils (optional).

All materials & equipment will be provided to you for this course.

Introduction to Cupping: Myofascial Release and Decompression - 6 Hours - $140 THIS CLASS IS FULL!

offered Monday 1 PM - 7 PM

Looking to add a new modality that is enjoying a growth in popularity while also providing great therapeutic benefits to your clientele? Need the required 6 hours of continuing education in Cupping Therapy to offer Cupping in Arkansas? This course is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the basics of Myofascial Release and Cupping Therapy. We will cover a review of fascia, trigger points, and the difference between myofascial release versus decompression. Benefits and Indications of each modality as well as Precautions and Contraindications will be discussed so you can determine appropriate treatment. History, physiology, expectations, guidelines, and different methods for Cupping Therapy will also be covered. What is the difference between a cup mark and a bruise? – we’re going to learn it! A brief review of common injuries and sports/occupational injuries will also be addressed. Class will include a PowerPoint lecture presentation, a demonstration of MFR and Cupping (MFD) techniques, a PowerPoint protocol to follow along with, and practical trade-outs. You will provide & receive MFR and Cupping protocols.

Please dress comfortably and bring pens/pencils, a notebook, massage oil (best for cups). All materials & equipment will be provided to you for this course, but feel free to bring in your own cups/cupping set.

Class size is limited. Register ASAP.

August 13 - 14 (Sunday & Monday) 9 AM - 6 PM

Orthopedic Techniques, Plus - 18 Hour CE

18 Hours


Otis Estes


This CE class is revamped with newer techniques and provides instruction with hands-on practice of practical Orthopedic Techniques. They are designed to relieve pain and malfunction problems commonly seen in massage sessions, that involves multi-modality techniques and can provide rapid relief for your clients. The techniques presented are targeted at specific points of concern, that may also be used in whole body applications.

Please bring a set of linens (face cover too), 2 hand towels, and massage lubricant.

August 21-23 (Monday - Wednesday) 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage - 18 Hour CE

18 Hours


Robert Gardner

Have you ever googled 'Thai massage' before? Well, if you have, you would have found a name pop up over and over, Robert Gardner. He does not teach outside of TX and online, except for here in Arkansas at ASM. This will be his last in-person class he teaches here at Arkansas School of Massage. Don't miss out!

In this foundation course, students will learn mat work and become competent using their legs, feet, knees and heels with clients, be introduced to Sen lines, anatomy, postural assessment, and energetic concerns.

90% of the class is mat based and on the 3rd day is table work where you will learn how to use the same sequence on the familiar massage table. This gives the therapist a firm foundation to transition clients between the table and mat with ease. The $500.00 fee for class includes your printed copy of the workbook and digital copies of the videos that go along with class.

Please bring 3 blankets or a comforter if you do not have a Thai massage mat.

August 24-25 (Thursday & Friday) 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Table Thai - 12 Hour CE

12 Hours


Robert Gardner

This class is specifically designed to help licensed massage therapists learn how to use Thai massage on the massage table with ease. We go over easy to incorporate options from the Table Thai workbook and show you how to work effectively and use less hand strain while helping clients with back pain.

2 days of Table Thai massage. The $400.00 fee for class includes the printed copy of your workbook and digital downloads of your Table Thai videos.

Please bring a set of sheets.

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